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Name:  Deano C. Ware
Location:  Redford, Michigan
Birthday:  1968
Bio:  I've been gaming since the age of 10 or 11. I'm a born again Christian (currently with the Lutheran Church Missouri Synod) and created my first board/role/war game in 1987 and copyrighted it as "Journey To the Overland". I am currently a regular contributor to the "Fictional Reality" magazine and do a game review column called "Standing Orders". My latest project is a new miniature game company called "Overland Games". Our first two releases are scheduled to be a mass combat game called "Garrisons" and a medieval skirmish game called "A Fatal Blow". Later we hope to release supplements online for the different kingdoms that make up "The Joint Kingdoms".
Interests:  Wargaming, painting, web browsing, basketball, karate
Blog Created:  Thursday, 27 March 2003
Last Updated:  Friday, 23 January 2004 - 6:07 PM EST
Blog Entries:  58

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